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Danyale did not see the ocean for the first time until she was 23 years old. Now, after experiencing the growth of mind and spirit that comes with frequent travel, the Reeds will do everything they can to sustain this way of life.

Traveling as a lifestyle is not a vacation. We travel to represent our culture in corners of the world that have never seen the likes of us.

We travel to absorb other cultures into our own, then bring that knowledge back to share with others, exposing their minds to new ways of life.

We travel unselfishly. But it costs us. Your small donation can become our sustenance.

A few dollars from you can literally feed the both of us for a day. Don’t worry if you don’t have it. If you can spare it, a monetary contribution goes a long way to the lifestyle we have adopted.

If you’re unable to give, we ask that you simply continue to visit to see what we’re up to.

For those interested, after making your donation, send us an email at with your address in the body and “Donated” in the subject line. Receive a personal “Thank You” postcard, handpicked and just for you, and postmarked from a faraway place.

Any contribution is appreciated. Every donation is a blessing.

Thank you, friend.

Love, Danyale & Brandon.


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