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How The Reeds Met

How The Reeds Met

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In the closing weeks of 2009, soon to meet soulmates, Danyale and Brandon, were living vastly different lives. Neither knew the other existed. Brandon had come across a golden opportunity, the Holy Grail in the world of music – he signed with a record label. As a working musician, he was frequently back and forth between Atlanta and Miami making music and having the time of his life.

Meanwhile, on the polar opposite end of the country, Danyale was still working  through college in Toledo, Ohio (for the 5th year) and just leaving a toxic relationship that went on longer than it should have. She had a stable group of friends, a decent paying job, was almost done with her B.A. Her life had a systematic flow and she knew what most days would hold before they began. Feeling too contained, she knew she would have to make a decision on where she wanted to go next, in life and in the world.

After speaking with her then college roommate about plans for the first semester of 2010, Danyale discovered her co-habitant wouldn’t be returning to school. It just so happened that the lease they shared was up at the end of December as well. Taking advantage of the time and opportunity, she decided to move to the city that had beckoned to her snce childhood – Atlanta.  Her entire life was rearranged, packed up, sold or given away within three weeks and a car full of dreams was filled to the brim and on the way to Georgia. Her family thought she was nuts, but they knew that much of her anyhow. Soon, they adapted to the idea.

Once she arrived in Atlanta, she stayed with her estranged cousin, the only soul she knew in the state, and went to work on setting up a new life. Her social life was full, she made new friends quickly and linked up with some old ones as well. Even after plans fell threw with her initial living arrangements resulting in a few nights of sleep in her car, Danyale loved every minute in her new found home. A few months in, and she was renting a beach-style home in her favorite part of the city. Life was exciting.

Her best friend, whom lived in Danyale’s hometown, came to visit often in her first year as an ATLien. One of her first visits was a particularly dull one. Danyale had found work outside of the city and usually didn’t clock out until around 11 p.m. Bored and anxious to party, her friend wouldn’t take “I’m tired” as a valid excuse not to enjoy the evening among other young singles. Feeling defeated, Danyale suggested the one viable option that wasn’t a late night 40 minute drive away from her isolated workplace. Her friend agreed and they headed off to Thursday’s Ladies’ Night.

The Sighting happened almost immediately. If you ask both Brandon and Danyale, there will be some contesting as to who saw whom first. The largest take away is that, without knowing, they both saw each other. She looked cool and sexy to him, dressed in her version of office attire, topped with a knit baret and bangs. He was the most striking and captivating man to hold her attention. She watched as he carefully held his drink above the heads of those shorter than him (almost everyone). They felt each other before they’re eyes had a chance to meet. Both spent the night pacing the overcrowded bar looking for the other and thinking of what to say when presented with the opportunity.

Her plan was to find him in the dark, humid room, lock eyes long enough and intensely enough to communicate her admiration. Before she got a chance to execute this well devised scheme, she felt gentle, firm touch on her wrist.

“Six seven eight, eight eight six… And it’s ‘Dan’ and Yale, like the University,” she stated once she turned around to the smile that she still loves staring at to this day. She didn’t want to waste time. She only wanted to make sure he didn’t confuse her for a ‘Danielle’ in his phone. The feeling was mutual. She recieved a call from him about 15 minutes later, in the car ride home.

2 years, 2 months and 1 week later, Danyale and Brandon became The Reeds.

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